Kenny’s journey in the automotive industry began at an early age, influenced by his father, Karl Pfitzer, a retired NASA and Boeing rocket scientist. Spending his childhood in his dad’s garage, Kenny learned the ropes of car restoration, starting with a 1968 Volkswagen Square Back and later a 1960 Volkswagen Microbus. His skills expanded as he delved into welding, body part restoration, and painting.

Over the span of two decades, Kenny’s career flourished, marking him as a prominent figure in the industry. From his humble beginnings as a mechanic at Metal Crafters USA to becoming Chief Fabricator and lead designer, he contributed to numerous projects for major automotive companies like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

A pivotal moment came when Kenny met Gerry Marron, his future business partner, during a project at West Coast Customs. Recognizing their shared talents, they joined forces, establishing Zero to 60 Designs as a powerhouse design studio. This collaboration extended beyond automotive design, incorporating Gerry’s expertise in creative fabrication through 60 Grit Studios.

Gerry’s background in themed exhibits and project management complemented Kenny’s creative vision, leading to the creation of lifelike structures and experiential marketing programs. Together, they aimed to deliver exceptional results efficiently, earning recognition for their speed and attention to detail.

Kenny’s tenure with West Coast Customs and Foose Designs further honed his skills in design and business operations. In January 2016, he took the leap to launch Zero to 60 Designs, focusing on custom builds and serving as an incubator for automotive OEMs. Beyond automotive, Kenny’s studio aimed to explore architectural design, reflecting his diverse creative energy.